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Sleep Apnea Patients at Risk for Pneumonia
Sleep apnea affects about a fifth of Americans and has been linked to heart disease and brain dysfunction. It's possible that this condition is associated with lung disease as well.
Surprising Side Effects of Sleeping Pills
Sleeping pills help people fall asleep and are available over-the-counter or through prescription. Unfortunately, they can have side effects that you may not expect.
Got MS? Watch for These Symptoms
People with multiple sclerosis already may feel tired during the day or have difficulty sleeping. But an undiagnosed sleep problem could make matters worse.
Lose Weight, Sleep Great
Sleep apnea is more common among people who are obese. So, one new study looked at how weight loss might help people with this condition.
Blood Pressure Rose in Kids with Sleep Apnea
In adults, sleep apnea is tied to higher blood pressure. Does sleep apnea produce the same result in children?
Breath of Fresh Air for Sleep Apnea Patients
Sleep apnea can be dangerous, but some patients don't adhere to treatment involving breathing masks. Recent research shows that a surgically implanted device may work better for those patients.
How Obesity Affects Health
Besides tobacco use, obesity is the leading cause of preventable disease and death in the United States.
Breathing Easier Helped Blood Pressure Too
High blood pressure affects millions of Americans, and having obstructive sleep apnea can make the condition worse. But treatment can make a difference.
6 Celebrities with Sleep Disorders
Sleep disorders can dramatically impact daily life. Here are some celebrities who have had issues with sleep disorders.
6 Common Questions about Sleep Apnea
Are you having trouble sleeping? Sleep apnea may be the problem.