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Moms' Postpartum Days Were Sleepy
The first several weeks after a new baby can be a whirlwind — especially for moms. But the effects of sleeping pattern changes may last for months.
What Snoring Means for Expecting Moms
Snoring can be more than just an annoyance to others trying to sleep in the same room. For pregnant women, snoring could indicate certain higher risks.
Good Night, Sleep Tight — Unless You're Pregnant
Any woman who has been pregnant can tell you that getting enough sleep becomes more challenging as her unborn baby grows. If a pregnant woman has other conditions, the challenge can be even greater.
Sleeping with a Baby on the Way
Difficulty sleeping is a common problem during pregnancy. Women often report being unable to sleep comfortably. However, how pregnant women sleep might affect their babies.
Start Breathing Easier, Mom-to-Be
It's no secret that pregnancy can affect women's sleep. But some kinds of sleep disturbances can be dangerous to her unborn baby. Seeking treatment may help. A recent study looked at the effect of treating abnormal breathing during sleep in women with pre-eclampsia .
Pregnancy Snores Sound a Warning
A small percentage of the population snores even without having an underlying sleep problem. But a woman who starts snoring during pregnancy may want to talk to her doctor about it.
Sleep and Overeating While Pregnant
Pregnancy is notorious for causing women difficulty with sleeping — though not as notorious as the months after the baby arrives. Having an eating disorder can worsen the problem.
Sleep Apnea, Obesity & Pregnancy
The risks to a woman and her baby if she's obese have been well-established, but having sleep apnea ups the stakes even more. Fortunately, sleep apnea can be treated.
Preterm Birth Tied to Mom's Lack of Sleep
For a pregnant woman, good sleep is important for both her own health and the development of her growing baby. Not getting enough quality sleep, especially in the first and third trimesters, increases a woman's risk for delivering her baby preterm.
Mummies Need Their Sleep
Any woman who has been pregnant knows how exhausting it is, and she may find it hard to get adequate sleep. A recent data review by Northwestern University in Chicago indicates that sleep apnea in pregnant women may indicate gestational diabetes and pre-term birth.