Health News

When Grandma Takes Too Many Meds
Not-good-to-mix meds for elderly patients is a growing problem. Tracking meds could help lower risk for bad reactions.
Texting Appointment Reminders
Missed doctor’s appointments cost money and result in patients not getting their health care. Text message reminders are a cheap way to help people get to their appointments.
Are You Ready for the Hurricane?
When a tropical storm or hurricane watch or warning is underway, there is more you can do that anxiously watch news weather forecasts. You can prepare. Taking steps to protect your life, your loved ones and your property can reduce the damage from a hurricane or tropical storm. Prepare for an oncoming hurricane or tropical storm. First, learn and store numbers and addresses of necessary references. This includes the local emergency management office, law enforcement and public safety, hospitals, utilities and Red Cross. Also know which TV stations and radio stations will kee...
Peace can Exist Post-Divorce
After divorce, conflict between parents can be common, often parents argue over parenting styles, money and custody, but it is possible to change the relationship.
A New Intervention for Domestic Violence?
Could intimate partner violence be helped through better communication skills? The research team at the Center for Couples Therapy in Houston thinks so.
Why do Women Watch Sports?
Women, even former athletes, say they’re too busy to keep up with women’s sports. The notable exception is Olympic events, which are less frequent and bring out national pride.
Are Homosexual Couples Healthier?
Did you know that sexuality could affect health? Straight couples could be more at risk for unhealthy habits than gay and lesbian couples. Talk to your partner about staying healthy. Researchers Corinne Reczek and Debra Umberson , both of who are professors of sociology, conducted the study. Beczek works at the University of Cincinnati while Umberson works at the University of Texas at Austin. 100 in-depth interviews were conducted with people currently involved in relationships that have lasted eight or more years. Fifty relationships total were studied and both partners were i...
‪Open-Fire Cooking and Kids' Brains‬
There's nothing like a barbecue or roasting marshmallows over a campfire to bring a family closer. But too much exposure to open-flame cooking may affect a child's developing brain.
Brain Power Against Chemical Solvents
Education helps the human brain to make complex networks of neurological connections. Evidence suggests that these kinds of networks defend against chemical solvent damage.
Air Pollution and Asthma Don't Mix
Pregnant moms, listen up: Stay away from areas with high air pollution. It can hurt your growing baby, especially if your child develops asthma.