Health News

It's Time for Recess!
Teachers might look forward to recess as much as children do. It's a chance to let kids run off their energy. But recess is also an important daily part of children's overall development.
Are You Angry – or Grateful?
Seeking strength from God to deal with illness is just as common as being angry at God for an illness. But the way these two attitudes affect an individual is quite different.
Warm Yourself with Heart-Warming Memories
Having a hard time staying warm this winter? Take a trip down memory lane to take a bit of the chill off. A recent study found that humans may be more likely to feel nostalgia when they're in colder environments.
Ancient Practice Brings New Energy to Cancer Patients
Fatigue can be part of the new normal for breast cancer survivors. An ancient practice may help to bring these ladies new energy.
A Weak Heart, a Broken Heart
The mind-body connection is more than just the fact that your mind exists within your body. Researchers are discovering more every day about how the two interact.
Making Mind Over Matter Work For You
Wouldn't it be nice to flush negative thoughts down the toilet – and keep them there? Or to carry happy thoughts around in your purse to help you remember them? Both may actually work.
Increase Popularity Through Kindness
Countless movies and books have focused on that elusive question for children and teens: How can I be more popular? One answer is surprisingly simple: Perform random acts of kindness.
Don’t Sweat Family Holidays
Holiday gatherings can trigger stress from disrupted plans to concentrated face time with family. A psychiatrist from Vanderbilt created a list of tips to help cope with holiday chaos.
The Secret to Growing Old Gracefully
Just about everyone wants the secret to life. But they might settle for the secret to aging gracefully. One important key to successfully aging appear to be… growing older.
In Joy This Holiday
Cancer is an unwelcome guest any time of the year. During the holidays, that guest could be even more troubling – if you let it.