Health News

Slow Bone Growth in Kids with Asthma
Steroids are used to treat a variety of conditions, including asthma. Bone loss is one of the many side effects associated with steroids. Low vitamin D levels have also been linked to bone loss.
Lose Weight, Control Asthma
If you're obese, your body may be under stress. Carrying all that extra weight can increase your risk of many health problems, including asthma. If you already have asthma, obesity can make it worse.
Lung Disease Death Rate Fueled by Ignorance
Lung Disease: do you have it? Do you know what it is? It claims the lives of almost 4 million people per year yet most people have never considered the danger.
Athletes With Asthma
Asthma has the potential to be misdiagnosed. For competitive athletes, this error could potentially mean long-term damage to their health.
Hot, Humid, and Hard to Breathe
Summer is a humid time of year in many places around the United States. Humid weather not only makes you sweaty and sticky, but also can make it hard to breathe for some asthma patients.
A Healthy Way to Spend Time Online
It’s a hard task to manage your own health. But keeping up with your child’s medication schedules can be an extra challenge for many families, especially for ongoing conditions like asthma.
Fewer Kids' Meds Prescribed - Except for ADHD
Though the past decade has seen increases in prescription drugs used among adults, the use of doctor-prescribed medications among children has actually declined - with some exceptions.
Dirty Air and Fat Make Asthma Worse
Environmentalists are not the only ones that should be concerned about air pollution. Asthma patients and their doctors also should be worried, as dirty city air may make asthma worse.
Air Pollution and Asthma Don't Mix
Pregnant moms, listen up: Stay away from areas with high air pollution. It can hurt your growing baby, especially if your child develops asthma.
Asthma Meds Tied to Heart Arrhythmias
A type of inhaled asthma medication appears to slightly increase the risk that children or young adults will develop a potentially deadly heart arrhythmia.