Health News

Your City's Asthma
The city you live in could be affecting your asthma. Is your city one of the most challenging cities for asthma sufferers?
Secondhand Smoke Does Hurts Kids
Kids may not appear to develop conditions from secondhand smoke when they’re being exposed to it in childhood. But, they can still experience respiratory problems later in life.
Exhale for Your Health
Breathalyzers may be associated with cop shows but the device could be an important tool for the health of patients. A simple exhalation could help patients detect diseases early.
Air Pollution Linked to Heart Disease
Scientists hoped to examine how brief air pollution reductions would affect the heart. Using an interesting location -- the 2008 Beijing Olympics -- they found that even short-term drops in pollution exposure improve cardiovascular health.
Memphis is the Asthma Capitol of America
Memphis has asthma sufferers singing the blues. Memphis has been named as the asthma capitol of America while two more Tennessee cities cracked the top five.
How Does American Air Quality Fare in 2012?
The American Lung Association (ALA) has released their State of the Air for 2012. Is the city you live in one of the best or worst when it comes to air pollution?
Smoke Exposure a Concern for Children
Despite many public policy recommendations, asthmatic children are still being exposed to second-hand smoke. This early exposure to cigarette smoke can lead to lifelong problems.
Who Wants to Live in California?
California needs to clean up its act. Air quality findings by the American Lung Association (ALA) saw California cities dominating the top of the lists for three significant categories.
Asthmatic Olympians Are Winners
A surprising number of elite athletes have asthma. As the Olympics are set to start in London, many are studying this phenomenon and the lessons to be learned from these athletes.
Go Ahead - Make a Mud Pie, Kiddo!
The joke is that experienced parents don't clean off a pacifier after it falls on the floor. A few extra germs just build the immune system, right? Well, they may be on to something.