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Childhood Asthma is Hard to Predict
Childhood asthma continues to be a tricky thing to predict. New studies are bringing doubt to the effectiveness of using atopy , a genetic predisposition to allergic reactions, to predict asthma.
Your Blood May Predict Steroid Resistance
Steroid resistance may not be known until the treatment fails for asthma patients. Blood testing may help predict resistance so asthma patients can choose the right treatment.
Controling of Your Child's Asthma
Asthma control is an important, but difficult, aspect of the disease for parents. A non-invasive test can help measure control which can lead to better treatment.
Race and Obesity Linked to Increased Asthma
Obesity is a risk factor for several diseases, including asthma. In a new study, obesity increased the risk of asthma in children but the risk varied between ethnic and racial groups.
Asthma is Poorly Controlled in America
For asthma sufferers, taking medicine is a daily routine. Surprisingly, a new study shows that nearly half of asthma sufferers are not taking controller medications.
Five Steps for a Better Allergy Season
Allergy season means irritation for many but relief is available. The American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology ( ACAAI ) has five ways to take control of allergy season.
Galen Rupp: The Athlete and Allergy Sufferer
“Asthma and allergies don't have to stop you from doing great things,” says United States Olympian Galen Rupp . Rupp should know as he's been battling asthma and allergies his whole life.
Treatments for Children with Severe Asthma
Management systems are important in controlling chronic diseases like asthma. Using inflammation as a guide to treating asthma did not improve asthma control.
Stay Away from BPA While Pregnant
Bisphenol A (BPA) exposure during pregnancy should be avoided. In a new study, BPA has been linked to increasing the risk of developing asthma in newborns.
Visiting Asthma at Home is a Success
Children in low-income areas have an increased risk of developing asthma. A new community-based program has been successful in helping to control asthma.