Health News

Breast is Best - But So is Planning
Even for mothers who planned to breastfeed longer, the ones who planned to get pregnant had an easier time with nursing than those whose babies were surprises.
Induced Labor Not Safer
If your water breaks before you're in labor or due to give birth, infection risk for your baby is low, and the best course of action may be to just wait it out under a doctor's observation.
Getting to the First Birthday
Preemies with low birth weights have a higher risk of dying before age 1, but researchers haven't known the risk factors affecting the babies' survival after they leave the NICU .
Preemies Can Safely Arrive Both Ways
When extra tiny ones are arriving early in the world, it's not necessarily safer for them to be delivered by c-section instead of a vaginal birth.
Risky Business: Diabetic and Pregnant
Before getting pregnant, women should make sure that they are in good health. An unhealthy mother is more likely to have an unhealthy baby. This may be especially true for women with diabetes.
Stroke Risk Prediction for Women
Certain factors have been traditionally used for predicting the risk for stroke, such as high cholesterol. But these factors may not be very accurate in predicting stroke risk for postmenopausal women.
Morning-After Pill Helps Control Uterine Tumors
An emergency birth control pill taken after intercourse to prevent pregnancy has been found to prevent something else: intense bleeding caused by fibroids.
Optional Early Baby Delivery Rates Drop
The rate of elective births before 39 weeks has dropped 3 percent since last year among U.S. hospitals, though rates vary dramatically, from under 5 percent to as high as 40 percent.
Blame a Sex Hormone for Feeling Uncooperative
While testosterone is best known as the male sex hormone, its presence is necessary in all of us to maintain our overall health and well being, yet those with increased levels of the hormone may have a hard time getting along with others.
Mom’s Fever from Epidural Increases Risk
Are you a pregnant mom who’s planning to use an epidural to relieve the pain? A new study says that taking the painkiller can put your baby’s health at risk.