Health News

Twice the Babies, Twice the Insulin
Insulin medications play a key role in treating type 1 diabetes. Different patients require different doses of insulin. If a diabetic woman is pregnant, how much insulin does she need? What if she has twins?
Step Up One Step at a Time Breast Cancer Dancers
Nobody walks away from breast cancer scot-free. The best of treatments leave the ladies of breast cancer changed, sometimes for years. Research confirms that fitness levels matter. A lot.
Take This Shot While Pregnant
What's worse than morning sickness? How about having the flu while pregnant too? But getting your flu shot while pregnant might do more good than just preventing this miserable outcome.
Children Arriving by C May Grow Bigger
Both the rate of obesity and the rate of elective C-sections have been increasing in the U.S. Though no evidence exists to say one causes another, they may be linked.
Vaccinating Against HER2 Reappearance
Breast cancers that have high levels of HER2 are particularly aggressive. Not only do they grow rapidly, but they tend to return after treatment. A vaccine currently being investigated appears to be effective in preventing this reappearing act.
Nutrition Fights Off Gestational Obesity
When you’re pregnant, doctors advise you to keep your weight in check to ensure that mama and baby stay healthy. But often, they don’t tell moms exactly how to manage their weight.
Vitamin D Doesn't Love Your Heart
Vitamin D supplements have long been mentioned as a way to lower cardiovascular risk. A new trial did not find that such supplements provide a benefit for the heart.
So You're Pregnant? Get Tested!
Not enough pregnant women are being screened for the two most common sexually transmitted diseases in the United States, chlamydia and gonorrhea, putting themselves and their newborns at risk.
Young Teens More Likely to Have Vaginal Delivery
Parents, you can breathe a sigh of relief: teenage pregnancy is becoming less common in the U.S., which is good news because there are many risks associated with teen pregnancy.
Natural Compound Pounds Breast Cancer
Imagine that instead of toxic chemotherapies, natural compounds in foods could be used to fight back against aggressive cancers. Celery and parsley may be vegetable gems of the future.