Health News

Water Break Early? Hang in There!
You're nine months pregnant and ready to pop - but the due date is still a few weeks away. What do you do if your water breaks early?
Air Pollution Link to Childhood Obesity
It may not just be chicken nuggets and french fries adding too much weight to children's waistlines. The very air pregnant women breathe might play a small role too.
High Fiber Diets Love Hearts
Don't be shy about packing away fresh fruits and vegetables, and whole grain breads at the dinner table. Doing so appears to give individuals added protection against heart disease.
Female Athletes and Overuse Injuries
It’s no surprise that college athletes get injured a lot, but female college athletes are less likely to get hurt from an accident in exchange for nearly a third of their injuries resulting from training too much.
Even a Little Overweight is Bad for Baby
If you think being just a little overweight won't present problems for your pregnancy, think again. Addressing your weight could mean a safer delivery for you and your baby.
Sex for Women Isn't so hot on Dialysis
While dialysis has already been linked to sexual dysfunction in men, researchers didn't know much about the sex lives of women on dialysis - until now.
Pregnant Diabetics and Taking Levemir
The insulin drug Levemir , whose generic name is detemir , has been moved from a riskier category of medications for pregnant women to a less risky category by the FDA.
Not Your Mother's Delivery Room
At last, a response to elders who complain about walking barefoot in the snow uphill both ways to school: women giving birth today suffer through longer labors than women of yesteryear.
HPV Shot can Protect From Reinfection
HPV is among the most common sexually transmitted diseases and can lay groundwork for developing cervical cancer. But even women who have had HPV disease can benefit from the vaccine.
Should Your OB/GYN Care for Your Heart?
The doctor many women know best - and see most often is their OB/ GYN . So, your OB/ GYN may be the best person to screen you for cardiovascular risk factors along with your annual exam.