Health News

Obese Moms Spread Children's Asthma
Women who are obese during pregnancy put their children at higher risk for asthma. A new study shows that a mother's weight has an effect on the respiratory health of her child.
Battle in Mother's Belly Causes Preeclampsia
Preeclampsia is a serious pregnancy condition that results in high blood pressure and protein in the mother’s urine. Now, research shows that the father’s cells are helping wage a battle in the uterus that leads to preeclampsia.
Chocolate Lowers Stroke Risk in Women
Tired of hearing about boosting your health through eating fruits and veggies? Then the news that chocolate ranging from hot chocolate to candy bars may be a heart healthy snack for women, should melt in your mouth.
Extra Calcium and Moms-to-be
Pregnant women are often told to take more calcium to benefit themselves and their babies, but the benefits of doing so have been unclear.
Injectable Birth Control Increases Risk for HIV
If you or your partner uses injectable birth control, you may be at higher risk of catching HIV, says a new University of Washington study.
Menopause Doesn't Slow Tennis Moms
Menopausal symptoms may bring one down occasionaly, but a challenging tennis match might help rid you of those feelings. Experts are now saying passoniate competition will lift your spirits and keep you healthy.
Stay-at-Home Dads Promote Gender Equality
Major shifts in the traditional household and family roles of men and women have been underway for decades. From breadwinning mothers to stay-at-home dads, these roles are still in the minority but gaining in numbers.
Hidden Heart Attack Trigger Found
Heart attacks in patients considered low risk and otherwise healthy has long puzzled doctors. But now they may have identified a hidden culprit in women.
Soy Protein Reduces Clogged Artery Progression
There may be a window shortly after menopause in which women can slow the development of clogged arteries through a method as simple as taking soy protein supplements.
Oral Contraceptive Recall
Because of a packaging error, Qualitest Pharmaceuticals has voluntarily recalled multiple lots of eight brands of oral contraceptives. This is a nationwide recall.