Health News

Rush Delivery
Two University of Houston professors are working to cut down on the amount of time it takes to develop new antibiotics.
Hang in There a Little Longer, It's Worth It
Preterm birth prevention clinics are effective at both increasing the number of full term births and reducing health complications among newborns, according to new research.
Lose Your Lunch
Portable pedal machines could address the health-impairing effects of sedentary jobs, according to a new study.
Freaky Fruit Findings at Your Fingertip
Who would've thought that fruit could harm you in some way? Apparently it can. According to new research, fruit residue on the hands of diabetics can cause finger-prick blood tests to show inaccurate blood sugar readings.
Trials and Tribulations
Only a small number of adult cancer patients participate in clinical trials because of a low level of physician referrals, according to a new study.
Are You a Long-Sleeve or Short-Sleeve Kinda Bacteria?
New research findings indicate that long-sleeved clothing worn by physicians does not increase the risk of transmitting bacterial infections.
Splat! You're Blind
Eye injuries from paintball mishaps often result in devastating consequences, according to a study in the American Journal of Opthamology.
The Great Outdoors
Through a review of existing studies, researchers have concluded that there are more benefits for your mental health from outdoor exercise, as opposed to indoor exercise.
More than an Athlete's Foot
Close contact is common among athletes who participate in team sports. This closeness can lead to the spread of various skin infections, dermatologists warn.
Yes, But is it Because the Food Isn't That Good?
A new study finds more than one in three hospitals in Australia house malnourished patients, and as many as 70 percent of patients in nursing homes are malnourished.