Health News

The Right Way to Wear Contacts
The majority of people who wore contact lenses were not wearing or caring for them correctly, according to a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
Indoor Tanning Fades, but Millions Still Risk It
At one time, many people thought indoor tanning meant a healthy glow year-round. Today, more and more people may be realizing that this isn’t so.
Google Glass May Hinder Vision
Labeled as smart eyewear, Google Glass lets users search photos, take calls, send messages and watch videos. But the high-tech glasses may also hinder users' vision.
Skip the Spooky Eyes for Halloween
As you plan this year's Halloween costume, you may want to leave out one accessory - the pair of non-prescription contact lenses.
Raising Awareness about Home Eye Safety
During Home Eye Safety Month, the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) is stressing the importance of eye safety and eye injury prevention. 
Follow-Up with Glaucoma
Patients with glaucoma may have a lot to gain from following up with their doctor on a regular basis. Follow-up visits provide doctors a chance to make sure that a patient's treatment is working, and it also gives patients a chance to ask their doctor questions.
With Fireworks, Eye Safety Is Key
Fireworks can be fun and pretty, but lighting fireworks at home means you’re literally playing with fire. Eye injuries have been a far too common result of fireworks.
What Do You See on Your Med Labels?
Prescription warning labels are those little, colored labels that are on a prescription pill bottles. Do you always see them?
Pill Bottle Caters to Blind
Taking prescriptions can be tricky for blind and visually impaired individuals who may have difficulty distinguishing one pill bottle from another, plucking capsules from bottles or locating a cap they may have dropped.
Smarter Way to Dial Up Visual Aid
One of the best kept secrets for aiding individuals with visual impairments may be sitting in your purse or your back pocket. Your smartphone may be a tool that provides more accessibility than you thought.