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Don't Lose Sight of Diabetic Eye Disease
One of the biggest concerns for diabetes patients is vision loss. While steroids and laser treatment can help when eye problems get severe, medications may offer clearer results.
A Better Font For Vision Loss
Vision loss is a downside to getting older. Reading printed words can be a challenge. It turns out that font matters for people with vision loss. 
Your Eyes Are the Prize: Get Tested
Glaucoma is the second leading cause of blindness in the US, and it most often occurs in people over age 40. Early treatment, however, can save your sight.
Eyes' Signs of Diabetic Heart Problems
Eye damage caused by diabetes is a serious problem on its own. But diabetic eye damage could also be a sign of heart problems to come.
Eyes Dimmed by Diabetes?
Some eye problems can be corrected with glasses while others cannot. According to a recent study, vision problems that cannot be fixed by glasses may be on the rise and could be linked to growing diabetes rates.
Today's Better Diabetic Eyes
Type 1 diabetes can cause serious damage to your eyes. Fortunately, there has been much progress over the years in the prevention and treatment of eye damage caused by diabetes, or diabetic retinopathy.
Spotting Diabetic Eye Damage Risk
Eye damage is one of the many complications of diabetes. Getting an eye exam once a year may help diabetes patients avoid permanent eye damage.
Frightful for Your Sight
Blood red vampire eyes, blacked out lenses or slit pupils resembling a cat. These may be the eye-popping accessory to complete your Halloween costume! You can get any of theses looks by wearing decorative contact lenses. But, before you buy them, beware of the risks.
Smoke Gets in Your Eyes
It’s no new news that smoking can result in poor health conditions. And here’s another one to add to the ever growing list: cataracts.
Different Ethnicities, Same Diabetic Eyes
In people with diabetes, out-of-control blood sugar can spell trouble. High blood sugar can lead to a number of problems, including eye damage.