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The Solution for Eye Contact Wearers
Most eye contact solutions look the same. But at the end of the day when your eyes are tired, the quality of the solution you choose can make all the difference in how those contacts feel.
Is it Time for an Eye Exam?
If you don't have vision problems and eye health isn't on the top of your mind, it can be easy for the years to pass by without ever visiting an eye doctor. But skipping these appointments could delay the discovery of serious conditions.
Vitamins for Old Eyes, But Not Omega-3s
As people age, their eyesight can worsen. Millions get a condition that can lead to blindness. A vitamin regimen can help, but adding supplements provides no extra benefit.
Cataract Risk Unchanged by Supplements
The body can use different types of antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids to promote good health. But supplements may not be able to keep vision clear from cataract cloudiness later in life.
A Recess for the Eyes
A lot of kids look forward to recess during school. While spending more time in the great outdoors can allow kids to release that extra energy and give their brains a break, it might also help keep their vision strong and healthy.
Looking at Eye Cancer in Kids
Cancer of the eye is very rare. It strikes mostly infants and young children—about 350 kids a year in the US. The disease is curable when caught and treated early. If the cancer spreads, though, the outlook is not as good.
RA Rx for Dry Eye Solution
Dry eye disease isn’t just uncomfortable; in some cases the lack of moisture can lead to real damage and trouble seeing clearly. A new kind of eye drop may be on the way to help improve symptoms.
Losing Sight & Feeling Hopeless
Partial vision loss can impact many daily activities. Coping with losing the ability to drive or read can take an emotional toll that may need treatment.
A Better Outlook For Cancer Babies
A genetic discovery has given some babies a new life – literally. The finding actually redefines a rare but curable cancer that’s usually spotted in infants or toddlers.
Seniors Dance Their Way to Better Balance
Finding ways to keep the elderly moving and feeling independent can be challenging. Dance lessons with a partner can be a fun and safe way to help the elderly stay active.