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Nerve Damage Common with Cancer Drug
There's no question that the drug works against a tenacious foe. Yet a chemotherapy agent used to treat advanced colorectal cancer seems to cause a harsh side effect for most patients.  
Best Method for Treating Advanced Rectal Cancer
One of the biggest dangers of rectal cancer is that it frequently returns after surgical removal. A new method has dramatically changed those risks.
Should Colon Cancer Screenings be Different for Men and Women?
Current guidelines suggest that most men and women have an initial colonoscopy to screen for colon cancer at the age of 50. New research suggests these guidelines might need to be more specific.
Fruits and Veggies Do a Body Good
Many studies have shown that certain foods can reduce the risk for colorectal cancer, but those studies have sometimes produced conflicting results. New research suggests that by looking at the location of colorectal cancer, some of these dietary recommendations can make more sense.
Slow Down Drinking, Cancer May Be Waiting
Heavy drinking can cause many problems including liver failure and cancers –specifically colorectal cancer. Be cautious of how much you drink because risks increase as you drink more.
Pushing Back Against Colorectal Cancer
After cancer cells escape the original tumor, they invade tissue and can more easily move to other parts of the body. New research has identified a protein that helps block that progression.
Vitamin D Fights Colon Cancer
It's well known that vitamin D can be protective against the development and growth of a number of cancers. New research shows low levels of this vitamin can make one cancer more aggressive.
Saving Money, Saving Cancer Lives
Some people have a mutation in genes that help the DNA repair itself. This is called Lynch Syndrome, a condition that dramatically increases a person's risk of colon and other types of cancer.
Could Colon Cancer be Prevented?
While estrogen is primarily a female hormone, both men and women have estrogen receptors. Working with these molecules may lead to better ways to treat and even prevent cancers.
Colon Cleansing Clogged
Commitment to regular bowel movements can sometimes lead one to take extreme measures. Many herbal products offer quick fixes to get the system to speed up.