Health News

A Brew Treatment for Colon Cancer?
Have a cup of tea mate - it might just keep you cancer free. New research suggests an ingredient in a specific type of tea may not so daintily sip away at colon cancer.
Fruit Flavonoid Voids Colon Cancer Activity
"Eat more fruits and vegetables" has been a loud and long-running health mantra. This advice is nothing to shrug off. Turns out a chemical in fruit may have anti-cancer benefits.
Simplifying Colorectal Cancer Screenings
Colorectal cancer screening is supposed to start with colonoscopies at age 50, but this recommendation is often ignored. That's why the disease is often caught at later, more serious stages. A new noninvasive test could change all this.
Cancer Combo Extends Life
Earlier this week, we learned that two medications work better than single drugs in fighting HER-2 positive breast cancer. Now, researchers have found two chemotherapy drugs are better than one for colon cancer.
How Obesity Weighs on Cancer Screenings
Does obesity play a role in whether or not people undergo various types of cancer screening? The simple answer is "yes." The more nuanced answer says it depends on the individual's gender, race and type of cancer screening.
Cancer Does not Like Walnut Oil
Do walnuts fight off cancer? A recent Harvard Medical School study showed that walnuts have inhibitory effects upon colorectal cancer in mice.
Weighing Down Life Before Colorectal Cancer
Obesity is a known risk factor for colorectal cancer. What has not been known, until now, is if and how the timing of the extra weight impacts life after diagnosis.
Cancer Has No Chance Against this Gene
Usually we hear about genetic mutations that can lead to cancer. New research has identified a gene that actually protects against cancer - a finding that could lead to the development of new drug therapies.
Diagnosing Cancer Online
You're sitting with your family practitioner describing some pain and other symptoms you've been having. S/he goes to the computer and tells you it's time for tests. This online program - now available in Europe - could save your life.
Super Cancer Vaccine on the Horizon?
The possibilities for treating a number of cancers - including difficult to treat ones - have just taken a gargantuan leap. An experimental vaccine is showing hugely promising results in animal studies.