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Cancer's Math That Doesn't Add Up
Combining existing drug therapies has long been an area of interest for cancer researchers. If one therapy works well, could adding another drug work even better? Just such a study involving advanced colon cancer found that additions don't always add up to better results. Following surgery, the standard chemotherapy regimen for Stage III colon cancer involves  Leucovorin , fluorouracil , and oxaliplatin , or what's commonly called FOLFOX for short. Adding another drug -  Erbitux ( cetuximab } - did not extend life. Make sure you know exactly which drugs work for you. The r...
Wonder Drug for Colon Cancer?
It's one of the most common, widely available and inexpensive drugs on the market. These days aspirin is being studied for its potential power to relieve a great deal more than headaches.
There's an App for Colon Cancer
One of the really tough things about receiving a cancer diagnosis is not knowing what to do next. You don't even know what you don't know.
Using the Body's Natural Cancer Killers
Chemotherapy, as well as other pharmaceuticals, are key components of cancer treatment. But sometimes the drugs stop working as the cancer becomes immune to the drug. Research is now focusing on reversing that drug resistance.
Get a Test, any Test
While colonoscopy remains the best possible screening test for colorectal cancer, any test at all is better than none. A recent study looked at who is actually having cancer screening tests.
Easier Cancer Screening Stool Tool Developed
Treating colon cancer early is important, but due to the inconvenience of colonoscopy, many people never get screened. A new test for colon cancer is being evaluated that may improve compliance.
Docs Feeling the Pressure of Colonoscopies
With March being Colorectal Cancer Awareness month, the loudest message seems to be that not enough folks are having the screening. Well, a new study is showing another side of the story, and doctors are feeling the pressure.
Chipping Away at Colorectal Cancer
March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness month and you may not be aware that being overweight or obese can increase your chances of having this disease, which you should also know is the second leading cause of cancer death.
New Look at a Misnamed Cancer
You may never have heard of this type. Cancer of the appendix is usually thought to be a colon cancer, since the useless organ is part of the 5-6 foot long tube that follows the small intestine.  
Sugar + Fat Might Add up to Colon Cancer
Obesity has long been associated with increased risks of developing cancer. Diets high in sugar and fat have also been thought to be cancer-promoting. But there haven't been any firm links - until now.