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Putting the Brakes on Bladder Cancer
As with any malignancy, once bladder cancer starts to travel to other parts of the body, an individual's chances of outliving it are diminished. So, preventing that spread is a major objective of research.
Stanford Computer Predicts Cancer Molecule
If you want to know how bad your bladder cancer is, generally someone has to take a piece of it and send it to a pathologist to get an opinion. A new study shows a more accurate and less painful option may be in the works.
Unknown Cause for Bladder Cancer
Previously, researchers thought that the causes of bladder cancers were similar, but it appears that's not the case.
Blood Clots a Common Risk for Some Cancer Patients
As if cancer treatment isn't rigorous enough, patients are often at risk of additional medical problems for months afterwards. New research has uncovered that some cancer patients face an increased risk of developing blood clots.
Strange Link Between Eye Disease and Bladder Cancer
A disease affecting one part of your body may be playing a completely different role in another part.  A new study has identified a protein associated with a rare eye disease as a way to battle invasive bladder cancer.
Cheers to Fighting Bladder Cancer
Staying hydrated is not only important when exercising, it can save your life. Drinking a lot of fluids can reduce bladder cancer risk for men.
Bladder Cancer's Smoking Gun
Smoking is one of the most dangerous and self-destructive habits a woman - or anyone - can have. Along with lung cancer and heart disease, researchers now know that cigarettes dramaticallly increase a woman's risk of bladder cancer.
Physicians Ignoring Care Guidelines?
Recommended guidelines for care exist for nearly every disease and condition. But for one form of cancer -- bladder -- 99 percent of patients are not receiving recommended care.
Metformin Melts Fat and PCOS Away
Whacked out hormones cause polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), a condition which is thought to affect seven percent of all women, cause period problems and appearance changes.
Nick Charles Loses Cancer Battle
Nick Charles, one of America's most beloved sportscasters, didn't achieve his last goal. He wanted to celebrate his 65th birthday on June 30th. He didn't make it.