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Tech Helps Elderly Cancer Patients Live Longer
Cancer can be one of the most difficult things to live with, and for those fighting it at 80, treatments can be even more trying.
Prostate Cancer Drugs Might Treat Bladder Cancer
Knowing the genetic make-up of any cancer can help guide treatment. A protein that’s seen in high levels in bladder cancer may not like being engulfed in medications that block the male hormones.
Crooner Andy Williams Dies of Bladder Cancer
Andy Williams, the legendary singer whose romantic melody “Moon River” became a stellar hit in the 1960s , has died of bladder cancer. He was 84.
What Comes After Surgery?
Cancer that appears in the bladder – the organ that holds urine – is most often treated with surgery to remove the tumor. Sometimes, though, surgery isn’t enough and some kind of chemotherapy is needed.
Diabetes Drugs With Highest Bladder Cancer Risks
If you have diabetes, you’ve heard the news about bladder cancer risks and a popular medicine. A new study shows that some common diabetes drugs don’t have the same cancer risks.
The NSAID Formula For Former Smokers
They’re common pain relievers you can get at any pharmacy. You know them as Advil, Aleve and Motrin, among other brand names. They are non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs - NSAIDs .
More Studies Find Bladder Cancer Risk
People with type 2 diabetes have an elevated risk of several types of cancer, including liver and pancreatic cancer. The use of one diabetic medication increases the risk of another form of cancer.
Some Surgeons Set in Their Ways
Medicine can be a conservative field, and even when there is clear evidence in support of doing things differently, it may take some time for those changes to filter into practice.
Risky Questions Produce Better Cancer Answers
Ideally, doctors would like a way to prevent cancer, but catching it as early as possible is the next best thing. For cancers that occur deep in the abdomen, like bladder cancer, it's a difficult task.
Diesel Exhaust Causes Lung Cancer and Possibly Bladder Cancer
Diesel fumes have been thought to increase the risk of lung cancer for a long time - since 1988. Now it's official.