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Diabetes May Indicate Risk of Bladder Cancer
People living with diabetes have a lot to think about. Managing the disease has its challenges. And with diabetes comes the risk of other health issues.
Predicting the Return of Bladder Cancer
Here’s the scenario: someone has bladder cancer, and the bladder is removed as part of the treatment. So, can bladder cancer return, even though the organ is no longer there? What do you think?
Urinary Tract Cancer Likes Heavy Smokers
Smoking cigarettes has been linked to a number of cancers and usually the risk for men and women are similar. But, with cancer in the urinary tract tissue, women seem to take the blow.
Getting a Leg Up On Bladder Cancer
Even though it can be successfully treated, bladder cancer needs to be monitored in case it returns. The goal of researchers is to find better ways to detect and treat bladder tumors to make managing the disease easier. 
You Should Know - Smoke More, Worse Cancer
The biggest risk factor for bladder cancer is smoking. That’s well known. Now, researchers have discovered that how much a person smokes has an impact on the course of the disease.
New Cancer Testing Guidelines May Be Needed
Blood in the urine demands that a doctor rule out several health conditions, including cancer. Investigators developed a tool that can accurately predict cancer risk among people with this symptom.
Which is Easier to Tame – a Gene or a Lion?
Bladder cancer likes to come back. It’s just one of those high rates of return cancers. Experts may have uncovered a new genetic path for taming this disease. And that would be excellent news.
Robotic Removal and Recovery Reviewed
Advanced technology has become very popular in the surgery suite. Even robotic arms are in there helping surgeons these days. This high tech surgery has been found to be easier on the patient.
Ibuprofen and Bladder Cancer
Over-the-counter pain relievers including aspirin and ibuprofen may have an important role to play in lowering the risks of cancer. Researchers have found an association between long-term (10+ years) use of ibuprofen and lower bladder cancer risks. 
Don’t Let Bladder Cancer Get You Down
Bladder cancer is certainly no picnic. But, maintaining a healthy emotional state may play a big role in recovering from it.