Health News

Don’t Get Hooked on Hookah
Have you ever heard of hookah? You might have because it’s becoming more popular among the younger crowd. Many hookah users believe smoking hookah is safer than cigarettes.
Addiction Defined
People can be addicted to anything - food, drugs, sex, gambling and more. It's a problem that has affected many, but it's not a behavioral problem like many believe.
Alcohol Dependence Depends on Metabolism
Alcoholism can happen at any age in life and it seems like men and women react differently to alcohol dependence. A genetic variation may explain the difference.
Meth Addicts Recover With iPhones
Cell phones are an amazing piece of technology that have extended its reach into the medical field. Before phones were used to make calls and now they're saving lives.
Sleep Disrupted
Excessive amounts of alcohol are associated with tons of problems. It can even disrupt sleep patterns. There seems to be no end to the dangers that come with drinking too much alcohol.
Blame It On the Alcohol
Wake up and smell the orange juice without the Vodka. Alcohol is no joke. People are injured and even worse dying from alcohol related accidents. Shop owners have a say in these problems.
College Leads to Bigger Waist Lines
The change from high school to college can be exciting but stressful. The stress can be too much for some women and even men. This along with other factors can lead to an eating disorder.
Health Concerns for Kids
Children can be a handful and worrying about their health is just part of the job. For some parents, weight and drugs are on the top of that worry list - what's on the top of yours?
An Expensive Tanning Deal
Bronze, golden skin is part of the definition of American beauty. Many people have resorted to tanning beds, which seems to be accompanied by addiction and skin cancer. Researchers have found why tanners can’t stop tanning.
Online Cig Cessation Sensation
Support for quitting smoking goes high tech with WebQuit, a study whose aim is to get as many people willing to sign up for free to drop and stop the habit.