Health News

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder
The more that is understood about newborn birth defects, the clearer it is that a mom-to-be really has a great deal of control over her future baby's health.
Get High On Life
Marijuana, also commonly known as weed or pot has especially gained notice among young adults. Many are trying it and getting hooked.
Alcohol 101 Available Online
For some, college is a time to explore which may lead students to drink too much. The consequences that follow could be disastrous and an online class might help prevent those behaviors.
Parental Excuse Needed for Smoking Sickness
So much research over the past 50 years has been focused on the dangers of smoking to the smoker. Their children are stakeholders in this addiction and are paying a price too.
America is Up In Smokes
Tobacco use is the most preventable cause of death in the United States, yet so many Americans choose to continue day after day. The rates are slowly declining, but by how much?
Be Free From Smoke
Smoking is linked to many health issues and yet these risks aren’t enough to motivate some to quit. Family, friends and coworkers might be able to help – ban smoking from work and home.
Busting Bath Salts
Bath salts are becoming more popular but not the kinds that are sprinkled into baths. Scientists have developed a test for these salts that might help law enforcement.
Smoking Ban and Diet Delights
There's no better day than today to change your diet and quit smoking. Benefits from these lifestyle changes appear to take effect within months.
Older Women Up Cancer Ante by Smoking
The younger a smoker is that decides to quit, obviously the better for their health. Women in their golden years can receive immediate benefits from quitting.
Cocaine May Be Killing Your Skin
There are many reasons why you shouldn’t try cocaine – this is just another. Cocaine users are showing up with blackened skin and weakened immune systems – there’s something in the cocaine.