Health News

No Shame in Trying to Be Mindful
Shame is the painful aura of humiliation felt after committing an error, and many dealing with alcohol and drug abuse often seek therapy to manage these tough emotions.
You've Come a Long Way Baby - Now Stop
It's common knowledge that smoking cigarettes can cause lung cancer. But it turns out that smokers may have to worry about more than just their lungs, especially women.
Drinking in College: Some Demographics
Students who host parties at their off-campus houses tend to drink more than other undergraduates, research suggests.
Binge Drinking Linked to Explicit Thoughts
Widely accepted patterns of alcohol consumption suggest that both explicit and implicit behaviors influence the way people drink. A recent research study debunked that frame of thought.
Addictive Discoveries
Canadian researchers used innovative techniques in their research of mental illness, leading to an exciting new discovery.
Helping You Helps Your Employer
While issues with mental health may cause problems with work, ignoring the issues will only make it worse, studies suggest.
Candy and Cookies and Chips, So What?
Parents and policymakers worried about the junk food offerings at schools may be focusing their anger in the wrong direction, according to a new study.
Gimme Shelter First
The homeless often cope with daily life by drinking heavily. A recent study shows that allowing those in public housing to consume alcohol actually decreases drinking behaviors.
Alcohol Increases Lifespan in Worms
The lifespan of certain worms can effectively be doubled by giving it a very small dose of alcohol. While the reason is unknown the study begs the question: what does this mean for humans?
Mental Illness and Former Inmates
If society is to keep former inmates who are mentally ill from returning to prison, changes are needed. Medical researchers say inmates must be carefully diagnosed for both substance abuse and mental health issues.