Health News

Housing Help Drug Addicts
Heroin and other opiates are among the most difficult drug addictions to kick. A staggering 65% to 80% of addicts return to regular use within 1 month of a normal detox program. A housing program may be able to help.
Pot’s Addictive – Just Add Tobacco
Marijuana is the most commonly abused drug in the United States, and while most do not become dependent, a new study suggests adding tobacco to cannabis smoking makes it easier.
We all Scream for Ice Cream
Suspicions have been confirmed: ice cream is addictive! Well, maybe not. But highly rewarding foods such as ice cream and chocolate stimulate the brain and cause addictive-like neural changes.
Secondhand Smoke Causes Transplant Rejection
In a recent study presented by the American Journal of Transplantation , researchers found that mice that were exposed to secondhand smoke ( SHS ) four weeks before receiving a graft transplant rejected the treatment.
Nicotine Patch While Pregnant Unwise
It may not be enough to toss the cigarettes when pregnant. A new study reveals a baby's exposure to nicotine even through replacement therapies like the patch may mean trouble later.
If Bars are Close, Violence May Be Closer
Growing research has developed indicating risk factors for potential violence in intimate relationships that come from both genetic and environmental sources, and new research suggests a person’s proximity to the neighborhood bar scene may contribute to their aggression at home. 
Movies & Marketing Lead Teens to Drinking
Those who don’t believe their child is influenced by what they’re seeing on the Internet and television may want to rethink their stance. 
Why Quit Now?
Not surprisingly, most people who enjoy tobacco find that their priorities have shifted on the day they've been diagnosed with cancer. Even more quit smoking at some point in the months afterwards. Most people; but not everyone.
Tobacco Smoke has the Power to Change
While tobacco smoke has been proven to cause cancer, exactly how this occurs is not well understood. Now it looks like two products in tobacco smoke may also make a certain type of lung cancer harder to treat.
A Week for the Kids
Music icon Belinda Carlisle and reality television star Calum Best are two of many showing support for the sons and daughters of those suffering from alcohol use disorder this week.