Health News

Working to Improve Foster Kids' Lives
Moving from one family to the next in the foster system doesn't leave much opportunity for building relationships with individual foster families. A new program aims to help this.
Has Medical Marijuana Increased Usage?
Does easier access to marijuana mean higher rates of use and abuse? Or does a community’s attitude have more to do with people smoking weed?
Relapse Prevention is Your Best Bet
A new argument is being made asserting that continual treatment of addicts could actually lower their overall healthcare costs in the long run, despite the sometimes heavy cost of continual treatment.
Supplement to Help Quit Pot
A common nutritional supplement might help people who want to quit smoking pot finally be able to. N-acetylcysteine ( NAC ) taken while also attending brief drug counseling helped people kick the habit.
Cocaine Vaccine's Future
Scientists have developed a cocaine vaccine that uses the common cold virus to engage the immune system and blocks the drug’s absorption. Early stages of testing show great promise.
Preventing Drug Abuse in Depressed Youths
Adolescents who get treatment for their major depressive disorder ( MDD ) before they begin abusing drugs are less likely to start. Early treatment is the best prevention method.
International Soccer Players & Painkillers
Professional soccer players all over the world are overusing and abusing painkillers to stay on the field. Long-term health consequences of the abuse of painkillers are cause for growing concern among doctors.
Overuse of Painkillers Starts Young
Long-term use of painkillers is rarely a necessity, but teens and young adults often get prescriptions and then develop a hard habit to kick. Youths with mental health disorders are even more at risk for developing a pill habit.
Self-Medicating College Students
College is a tough time of transitions and self-exploration for many students. But students feeling depressed may be self-medicating instead of seeking the help they need.
12 Steps to Freedom
Substance abuse is hard on the brain and wallet. The consequences can be more than physical and emotional. They can be financial too.