Health News

Teens Do More Drugs During Summer Break
The summer months are a time for rest and relaxation. For some teens though, they can also be a time for risk taking and substance abuse.
Drug & Alcohol Related Birth Defects
The National Institute of Child Health & Human Development ( NICHD ) has released numerous studies investigating the outcomes of alcohol and drug use during pregnancy.
FDA Regulated Opioid Scripts
Opioid prescription drug abuse is being called an epidemic by the Obama administration. New education measures will be required at the expense of the drug manufacturers.
Foster Care for Meth Exposed Kids
Kids that live in homes where their parents use methamphetamines are often abused and neglected. Foster care interventions can help place the child in a better environment.
Drug-Related ER Visits
Emergency rooms (ER) report all drug-related information to a special government public health watchdog. Reports of drug overdoses and adverse reactions are through the roof, compared to a few years ago.
Methadone Overdoses
Methadone can be prescribed safely for cancer-level pain and heroin addiction. When abused, it’s responsible for more prescription painkiller overdose deaths than any other opioid .
One Effective Heroin Treatment
Among the treatments for dependence on opioids such as heroin or hydrocodone are methadone maintenance treatments, which block a person's cravings and relieve withdrawal symptoms.
Drug to Treat Opioid Abuse
Doctors may have found a drug to help people transition off opioids . Similar to the way methadone helps heroin addicts, Suboxone may work for opioid users.
No Training Can Mean Methadone Overdoses
New guidelines by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) outline needed changes in policy for methadone, saying that the medication needs to be used only for heroin addiction, palliative care, and cancer-related pain.
Teens & Pot Laws
When marijuana was made medically legal in certain states, researchers found teenager’s desire or ability to gain access was not impacted. It appears dispensaries aren’t weed candy stores for minors.