Health News

Two-Drug Combo Against Cocaine
As of right now, there are no drugs on the market to help with cocaine addiction. By combining two drugs already on the market, scientists may have found the solution.
Marijuana & Anxiety
The human brain is still in a state of rapid development during the teen years. Can using marijuana disrupt normal brain growth? A recent study followed a group of teens for 15 years to see how marijuana affected their mental health.
Teen Steroid Abuse
Steroid abuse is always bad, but for teens the damage can be more serious and last longer. Steroids can change the way an adolescent’s brain develops and vital organs function.
Diverted Medical Marijuana
Regulations in Colorado have not been successful in keeping teens in substance abuse treatment programs from illegally getting their hands on medical marijuana. But can new laws really help?
Ecstasy is Bad for the Memory
What exactly does ecstasy do to the brain? Everyone has a different answer, but now science provides some clarity.
Eating Disorders, Drinking and Drug Use
Girls with eating disorders could be at risk for other adverse behaviors. Some eating disorders have gone unnoticed because these girls binge or purge just under diagnostic criteria.
Schizophrenia & Substance Abuse
Marijuana, cocaine and alcohol are the most commonly abused substances by schizophrenics. Data on this substance abuse varies widely, muddling the picture.
Depression and Substance Abuse
Depression in patients with access to an opioid prescription can lead to misuse through self-medication. Doctors should screen chronic opioid therapy patients for depression.
Heroin Use on the Rise
Prescription painkiller abuse problems were addressed by manufacturers by incorporating a tamper-resistant reformulation. Unfortunately, drug abusers have started using heroin to get high instead.
Multiple Risk Factors Linked to Preemies
Marijuana is often thought of as a drug that causes relatively little harm compared to other street drugs. But that may not be the case if you're carrying a little one to term.