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A Pregnancy Dilemma for a Medication?
Some medications are linked to disorders such as autism or to birth defects when taken during pregnancy. However, that risk must also be balanced against the medication's benefits.
No Autism Risk from Vaccines
Dozens of studies have debunked the one study that falsely tried to link vaccines to autism. Yet some parents remain concerned about possible negative effects of children's vaccines.
Autism Risk May Be Buried in the Past
The causes of autism increasingly appear to come from a variety of different risk factors. One of those risk factors may be related to the childhood experiences of the children's mothers.
Autism May Travel Through Generations
A father's older age has already been linked to a risk for autism in children in past studies. Now researchers have turned their attention to grandfathers.
A Family of Mental Health Disorders
Depression, autism and schizophrenia have very different symptoms. But new genetic research suggests that they may share a root cause.
Pets Help Kids with Autism Socialize
When walking the dog, it often seems easier to chat with strangers. Researchers thought animals might also help kids who had autism spectrum disorder (ASD) with their social skills.
Mom’s Inflammation Linked to Autism
Past research has shown that autism risk was higher when mothers were sick during pregnancy. New research sheds some light on how illness might be affecting autism risk.
Treating OCD in People with Autism
Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is fairly common in people with autism. With that in mind, researchers wanted to see if OCD treatments could be helpful for patients who also have autism.
A Medication Risk Factor for Autism
There is no known single cause for autism. However, certain diseases or medications during pregnancy have been linked to autism. One culprit may be a medication used to treat epilepsy.
Folic Acid May Protect Against Autism
Taking folic acid before and during pregnancy may help lower the risk of some birth defects. Researchers wanted to know if folic acid was linked to autism in any way.