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New Criteria for Autism May Mean Fewer Diagnoses
The way in which diseases are diagnosed can change, as was recently the case with autism. And these new changes in diagnostic criteria could change how many children are diagnosed with autism.
Antidepressants During Pregnancy Not Tied to Autism
Women who take antidepressants may wonder about taking them while pregnant. One concern has involved increasing their children's risk of certain conditions like autism.
Hormone May Improve Social Skills in Kids with Autism
Kids with autism can find it hard to understand what other people are feeling. And their communication challenges can make it hard for these children to interact with others.
Air Pollution and Autism Linked in New Study
Autism is a developmental condition that has been  separately  linked to both genetic and environmental factors. Recent research shows how it's possible that both factors can work together.
Could Eyes Be the Windows to Early Autism?
The earlier a developmental condition can be diagnosed, the sooner interventions can be provided. It would therefore be helpful to diagnose children with autism as early as possible.
No Link Between Antidepressants and Autism
Women may need to take various medications even while they are pregnant, trying to weigh the risks and benefits of the medications. When it comes to antidepressants, there's at least one thing they don't need to worry about.
Screens in Bedroom May Cause Autism Sleep Issues
Sufficient sleep is an important part of staying heathy for all individuals, especially for children. And just one simple house rule may help kids get enough sleep — remove the TV.
Seeking Answers to the Gut-Brain Connection in Autism
Children with autism may experience other conditions beyond the spectrum of symptoms linked to their developmental disorder. But could those other conditions relate to their autism?
A Therapy for Anxiety with Autism
It's not uncommon for children with autism spectrum disorders to have other mental health conditions as well. Children with autism can often experience anxiety symptoms.
Seeking Answers for Autism
In looking for a cause of autism, researchers often investigate every possibility imaginable. This includes conditions that occur when a woman is pregnant.