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Autism in the Workplace
Young adults with autism spectrum disorders ( ASD ) may struggle with finding and keeping a job. Programs are not widely available to help adults with autism succeed at the work. 
Autism – Learning Emotion with Video?
Kids with autism often have trouble seeing emotions. They may have trouble knowing that a facial expression means a person is angry or happy.
Working Together for Kids With Autism
There are many treatments for kids with autism. Parents may be happier with their child’s care if they work with the doctor to pick the best options.
Dads Pass “Trust Hormone” to Kids
Often called the "love hormone" or "trust hormone," oxytocin is a chemical that helps parents and children bond to one another and works on children's emotional development.
How Do Medical Problems Affect Autism?
Children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and other medical conditions need care for both, and new research suggests that ASD treatments may need to take other medical problems under consideration.
Pets may Help Kids With Autism
Pets can be a happy addition to any family. New research suggests that bringing home a new pet may be helpful for children with autism.
Improving Language through Play
Early interventions for autism spectrum disorders (ASD) can be helpful for children. Some programs train parents as a way to help children.
Becoming an Adult With Autism
Many interventions for autism spectrum disorders ( ASD ) focus on childhood skills, but as people with ASD move into adulthood, they may continue to need help.
Parents Input to Help Find Autism Risks
Early detection of autism spectrum disorders ( ASD ) can help children succeed. But how early can risk be detected?
Autism and Anxiety in Children
Autism spectrum disorders (ASD) can create struggles for children to overcome. For some children, anxiety disorders with ASD can interfere with life.