Bipolar DisorderInfo Center

Anxious and Moody, Tossing and Turning
Managing multiple mental health conditions, like a mood disorder and an anxiety disorder, can be more challenging than managing just one. It can also make insomnia worse.
I Just Called to Say I'm Okay
If making an appointment to see the psychiatrist or therapist for your regular therapy is a hassle, here's some good news. A phone therapy session may be just as helpful.
The Abuse Is Past But Effects Linger
The impact of child abuse doesn't end when a child escapes an abusive environment. But knowing their future risks of health issues can help abused individuals seek treatment early.
Bipolar - One Drug Does Not Fit All
Some people with bipolar disorder may not benefit from taking lithium. New research suggests that a blood test may be able to tell who will be helped by it.
Depression and Ketamine
Ketamine , a powerful sedative, has been helpful in treating some people with depression. However, very little research has been published on the effects of this treatment.
Which Kids Should Take Antipsychotics?
Some medications can be used to treat multiple conditions, especially in mental health. But drugs are also sometimes prescribed for conditions they aren't approved to treat.
Sleep Apnea and Bipolar Disorder
Sleep apnea can lead to health problems and make people sleepy during the day. New research links bipolar disorder to sleep apnea.
Who Pays for Children’s Bipolar Care?
Kids with bipolar disorder may need medications, therapy, and hospital stays. Health insurance may cover some but not all of the care needed.
Long-time Depression Linked to Bipolar Disorder
The lows of bipolar disorder are much like depression, but are they related? A recent study found that long-time depression can change to bipolar for some people.
Early Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder
Bipolar mania has many symptoms, like feeling high or excited. People may have symptoms of mania without having bipolar, and some symptoms may put them at risk for bipolar disorder.