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A Family of Mental Health Disorders
Depression, autism and schizophrenia have very different symptoms. But new genetic research suggests that they may share a root cause.
Working with Bipolar Disorder
People with bipolar disorder may miss work or lose their jobs because of their symptoms. Researchers wanted to know which symptoms most affected work for people with bipolar disorder.
Childhood Experiences and Bipolar Health
Patients with bipolar disorder may develop other health issues. Events from childhood may help show who is at risk for these additional health problems.
Mixing Mental Health and Substance Use
If you're treating a teen for mental health, it's important to understand the big picture. The big picture includes how much they drink, smoke or use marijuana.
Asenapine for Bipolar Disorder?
Mixed episodes in bipolar disorder occur when a person has symptoms of both mania and depression at the same time. Few treatments have been designed to treat mixed episodes.
Bipolar Disorder and Drug Abuse in Teens
Substance abuse, or drug abuse, is common in people with bipolar disorder. A recent study looked for substance abuse risk factors in kids and teens with bipolar disorder.
Bipolar Symptoms and Social Function
Symptoms of bipolar disorder can get in the way of social activities like work and play. Even when symptoms are well-managed, they may still interfere with social aspects of life.
Symbyax for Bipolar – Does it Work?
Symbyax for bipolar disorder combines an antipsychotic med with an antidepressant into one pill. Having fewer pills to take may be easier, but it may not always be better.
Some Mental Illness may Hinder Work
Depression may get in the way of a person’s ability to work. A recent study asked people with depression about their work history.
Knowing Your Family History Key for Bipolar Diagnosis
Bipolar and depression share many symptoms. Knowing which teens are bipolar and which have depression may be hard. A recent study looked for differences.