Health News

Get Vaccinated, Stop the Spread of Hep B
There are a great deal of complications associated with diabetes. In order to prevent these complications, patients have to take special care of themselves, whether that means eating healthier or getting vaccinated.
FDA Pushes for Artificial Pancreas
For people with type 1 diabetes, controlling blood sugar levels can be exhausting. With the help of an artificial pancreas, patients would spend less time worrying about blood sugar and more time enjoying their lives.
Diabetics Are More Likely to Have C-Sections
If you’re diabetic and pregnant, you probably know that you’re at greater risk for a difficult childbirth, compared to women who aren’t diabetic. Researchers now know why.
Diabetes in Asian Americans: Type-What?
Even though type 1 and type 2 diabetes are different conditions, they can look similar in young Asian Americans. These similarities can make it hard for some doctors to diagnose this population.
Shallow Breath and Swelling Blood Sugar
Children who are struggling with both diabetes and asthma have to deal with more than shortness of breath; some of them seem to have a harder time keeping their blood sugar under control.
Diabetes and the Night Pressure
Diabetes is more than a problem with blood sugar levels. The disease is associated with all sorts of other complications, including high blood pressure - a condition that may lead to even more problems.
Dad's Attitude Helps Control Diabetes
Parenting style does not only affect how children learn social skills. For children with diabetes, the way that parents act can influence how well those children manage their disease.
Preparing for Pregnancy with Diabetes
For women with diabetes, pregnancy can be an especially stressful time. That's why it is important for these mothers to learn how to keep both themselves and their babies healthy.
New Cells are New Hope for Diabetes
If one of your organs is not working, why not just make a new one? Well, that is what some researchers are trying to do for type 1 diabetes patients, even if the task is easier said than done.
Good-for-Nothing Diabetes Vaccine
Sometimes, researchers will do a study on animals and think they have found a way to stop a disease. Then that finding simply won't translate to humans. This happened recently with a type 1 diabetes vaccine.