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E. Coli Pathogen Found on Cucumber
German authorities initially blamed the E. coli outbreak on Spanish cucumbers, tomatoes and lettuce, then backtracked. Then they pinpointed sprouts from northern Germany but that also turned out to be a false start.
Inorganic Arsenic Found in Animal Drug
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced today a drug used by poultry producers since the 1940s will be suspended from the market after the discovery of inorganic arsenic, but stressed that continuing to eat chicken poses no health threat.
EU Nearing Deal for Farmers Impacted by E. Coli
As two more people died from E coli toxins in Germany, bringing the total to 26, and 300 new cases of infection were confirmed, the European Commission announced it has finally reached a financial deal to help Spanish farmers.
coffee helps hepatitis c treatment response
"Coffee intake has been associated with a lower level of liver enzymes, reduced progression of chronic liver disease and reduced incidence of liver cancer," said Neal Freedman, PhD, MPH, of the National Cancer Institute and lead author of this study. "Although we observed an independent association between coffee intake and virologic response to treatment, this association needs replication in other studies." Among non-drinkers, 46 percent had an early virologic response; 26 percent had no detectable serum hepatitis C virus (HCV) ribonucleic acid at week 20; 22 percent had no detectable...
Experimental Treatments Tried in Wave of E Coli Outbreak
In an effort to aid patients in the wake of the deadly E. coli outbreak, a German team of doctors is trying something new.
E. Coli Treatment Could be Reality
A life-saving treatment for E. coli could have been developed more than a decade ago but stalled because of lack of commercial interest.
Two New Hepatitis C Drugs Butt Marketing Heads
Hepatitis C virus (HCV) is an infectious disease which is 100 times more infectious than HIV. People who inject drugs or engage in unprotected sex account for most people who are infected with hepatitis C.
E. Coli not found in testing of sprouts
Just a day after pinpointing a sprout farm as the likely cause of an E coli outbreak, German agriculture authorities have revealed that 23 of the 40 produce samples tested did not contain the toxic contamination.
Sprouts Likely E. Coli Culprit
The mass E. coli outbreak sweeping Germany that has sickened moire than 2,200 and killed 22 is now believed to be linked to organic vegetable sprouts grown in Germany.
E Coli: Keeping it Safe
While the scope of the E. coli outbreak in Europe continues to develop, many in the United States are pondering food safety. So far, there has been no reason to believe an outbreak might immediately occur in the US.