Health News

New Parkinson's Rx Gets FDA Nod
The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved an add-on therapy for patients with Parkinson's disease.
How Chronic Viral Infections Affect the Brain
As people age, cognitive functions like memory and judgment can change. And viral infections might have something to do with that.
A Clean Vaccine
It's a clean vaccine — the HPV shot doesn't appear to raise patients' risk of nervous system diseases.
Vaccines Were Not Tied to Multiple Sclerosis
Many people worry that vaccines meant to prevent disease may cause other illnesses. But a recent study found that vaccines likely did not cause multiple sclerosis (MS) or disorders like it.
CDC Reports Americans Living Longer Than Ever
Americans may be living longer than ever before. In a new Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report, measures of life span were up and rates of death were down.
Mosquito-Carrying Diseases May Threaten Kids
Some viruses and bacteria travel through the air. Others travel in bugs and ticks — but how many of these reach children?
Slight Mad Cow Risk Leads to Recall
Talk of mad cow disease tends to make people nervous - with reason - even when the risk is low. Such concern has led to a recent recall of beef products.
Infection a Major Reason for Revision Knee Replacement
The hope is always that surgery will be the end-of-the-line answer to a health issue, but that ideal is not always the reality. After knee replacement, a revision surgery is sometimes needed.
Unknown Polio-Like Illness Seen In California Kids
The US was declared polio-free over 30 years ago, but now an unknown illness that may be related to the disease is causing concern in California.
HIV Boosted Bone Fracture Risk
HIV/AIDS treatment has helped lengthen patients' lives. But as they live longer, people with HIV may have to be especially watchful for health problems related to age, including the possibility of weaker bones.