Health News

No Need to Fear the Flu Shot
One of the concerns parents might have with the flu vaccine is side effects in children with pre-existing conditions, such as inflammatory bowel disease.
One Shot, Two Shot, HPV Shots
The only vaccine that can prevent a type of cancer is the HPV vaccine. But it requires three rounds of shots. Wouldn't it be nice to make it just two shots?
Looking Ahead for Childhood Meningitis
Not getting vaccines that protect against meningitis can leave a child vulnerable to catching the disease. But what is the long-term outlook for those who had meningitis as children?
Managing Meningitis with Vaccines
Meningitis, which results in the inflammation of membranes around the spinal cord and brain, is a disease that causes death and disability around the world. Yet it can be prevented through the use of vaccines.
Vaccine Fears Shouldn’t Fray Your Nerves
Even though vaccines prevent disease, some people worry about the risks of the vaccines themselves. Fortunately, one risk people may be concerned about has been discounted.
Success of the Free HPV Vaccine
It's icing on the cake when a vaccine is offered for little to no cost. Free human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccine programs can protect many individuals from genital warts without draining their bank accounts.
Birds of a Feather Vaccinate Together
Plenty of research has established the safety of vaccines and the low risks for serious side effects. Yet some parents still don't vaccinate their children. What influences their decisions?
Teen Death from Chickenpox Reported
A 15-year-old girl died from chickenpox in 2009, reported the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention today. Although death from this virus is rare, it can and still does occur.
Two Good Reasons to Get a Shingles Jab
Seeing the doctor to get a routine vaccine doesn't stop when you outgrow childhood. In fact, seniors over age 65 are encouraged to get the shingles vaccine – and for good reason.
Chickenpox Vaccine Rules the Roost
One of the most recent vaccines added to the childhood schedule is the chickenpox vaccine. Enough time has passed to learn more about how effective the vaccine is.