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Mystery Surrounds HPV Vaccination Patterns
Cervical cancer isn’t all that common in this country anymore. Virtually all of the cases that do develop arise because of the human papillomavirus (HPV). Two vaccines are available to attack the major cancer-causing strains of this virus. But not all young women get vaccinated.
Weighing the Flu Shot Risks
All types of preventive medicine offer benefits and risks, and vaccines are no exception. But often, the risks related to getting a disease may be greater than the risks of the vaccine.
A Jab in the Arm for Heart Health
Most people get the flu vaccine for the obvious reason: to protect them from the flu. But there may be other benefits to the shot as well.
Measles Alert in the Lone Star State
Measles is a highly contagious disease that has become rare in the US. But outbreaks of the disease can still occur, often after a person becomes infected abroad and carries the disease back home. Now it appears that people in Texas are becoming infected with the virus.
Don't Miss a Chance at Disease Protection
Many parents are aware of the vaccines that babies are recommended to get through their second birthday. But fewer parents may realize that teens should stay up to date with immunizations too.
Preemptive Strike Against Polio in Israel
Polio is a virus that the world has largely beaten. However, lingering pockets of the disease still pose a serious threat.
Kindergartner Vaccination Rates Look Good
It is recommended that parents protect their children from disease by making sure the kids are up to date on their immunizations. High numbers of American parents are following this medical advice.
When Moms Can Give Babies a Shot
Vaccines protect people from diseases. Pregnant women who get vaccinated can pass on that protection to their developing babies. And it seems some of that protection may last even after birth.
It's Not the Shots, It's What's Inside
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention regularly update the recommendations for children's shots to help parents better understand new vaccinations.   Some parents may be concerned that children receive more vaccines today than they had when the parents were young.
Checking in on the HPV Vaccine
Health officials celebrated when a safe and effective vaccine to protect against HPV (human papillomavirus) was made available to the public.  But a vaccine can't protect the public if it isn't being used.