Health News

High Blood Sugar Raised Heart Disease Risk in Type 1 Diabetes
For patients with type 1 diabetes, living life free of heart disease may be all about keeping blood sugar under control.
Unhappy Marriages May Lead to Unhealthy Hearts
A bad marriage can be a real heartbreaker. That’s the message from a new study that looked at how marriage affects the development of heart disease over time.
Not All Heart Surgeries for Diabetes Patients Were Equal
Two procedures often used to treat diabetes patients with heart disease are bypass grafting surgery and angioplasty. Is one better than the other?
Artery Disease May Threaten Patients After Heart Attack
When an artery that brings blood to the heart is blocked, a heart attack can occur. If a patient has a partially blocked arteries, their risk of death after a heart attack increases.
Aspirin Did Not Reduce Heart Disease Deaths
Instead of the old adage about an apple a day, many doctors advise their patients to take an aspirin a day to prevent heart attacks. Which may be good advice. But new research suggests that aspirin may not keep patients from dying of a heart attack.
Rates for Some Types of Heart Disease Deaths Dropped
In recent years, death rates from most types of heart disease dropped. But a few types saw an increase in the death rate.
Asthma May Put the Heart in Peril
Asthma and heart attack may share similar symptoms, such as chest tightness and shortness of breath. The link between the two, however, may go beyond that. Asthma may increase the odds of having a heart attack.
Kidney Patients Who Need Statins Might Not Take Them
Two major health groups recommend statins for many patients with chronic kidney disease. But a new study found that many patients who should take statins didn't take them — even after a doctor recommended that they do so.
Gene Mutations May Lower Cholesterol, Heart Attack Risk
Mutations to a single gene may lower cholesterol, a new study found. These findings may mean that a cholesterol-lowering medication that targets that same gene could have a new use with preventing heart attacks.
Even Without Blockage, Artery Disease May Still Be a Threat
With coronary artery disease, plaque may block blood vessels. Sometimes, however, plaque that does not restrict blood flow may develop. But even this type of plaque buildup may raise the risk of heart attack.