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Teens Shed Extra Pounds with Extra Sleep
Most groggy teens drag themselves to school by 7:30 most morning. This is a familiar sight to both parents and teachers. Everyone knows that insufficient sleep is common for teens, but few understand that it can also be the source of weight issues.
Mom's Nightmare - Sleepless Kids
Getting a child to sleep well and getting them to eat well are notorious challenges for parents. And problems in one area may be linked to the other - while making moms tired!
Too Little Sleep, Too Many Calories
Do you find yourself raiding the fridge more often after not getting enough sleep? You're not alone. Too little sleep and overeating are linked.
Plugged In, Sleep-Deprived and Obese
Gone are the days when kids might have just had televisions in their bedrooms. Now it's video game consoles, computers, smart phones… and they may have some unintended consequences.
Too Little Zzzs, Too Many Pounds
In our fast-paced world, sleep is often the first sacrifice of overworked, busy individuals. But getting too little sleep has implications for our health — including our waistlines.
Sleep Apnea, Obesity & Pregnancy
The risks to a woman and her baby if she's obese have been well-established, but having sleep apnea ups the stakes even more. Fortunately, sleep apnea can be treated.
Sleep is Key to Successful Weight Loss
Want to lose weight? Then exercise more, right? No doubt physical activity is important for weight loss. But so is laying down, closing your eyes and getting enough sleep.
If Mama is Snoring...
Just as snoring is associated more often with men than women, so is sleep apnea. Since snoring and sleep apnea are related, does that mean women don't get sleep apnea as frequently?
Sleepless Nights From Munchies
Sometimes the simplest decisions, such as what to have for lunch, are more complicated than they should be. This may be especially true after a night of no sleep.
Junk Food Yummier After Poor Sleep
After yet another night when you didn't get the sleep you really needed, do you find yourself making an extra trip to the vending machines? The two experiences may be related.