Health News

A Bean a Day Keeps the Gas Away?
It’s common knowledge - beans give you gas. Limericks and sayings have taught us this since we were children. But now, the long held belief is being reexamined. Research shows the link between diet and gas may be more complicated.
All Eyes on Surgery for Acid Reflux
Some obese patients with acid reflux still feel heartburn and nausea after seeking surgery to help. Thinking about going under the knife can be scary to begin with, and surgical procedures need to be done right.
High-Fiber Diets Not Good for the Gut?
While a high-fiber diet may ease constipation, it might not be a cure for a common colon condition called diverticulosis. In fact, having more bowel movements could worsen the problem.
With IBS, What You Eat Matters
When you talk about irritable bowel syndrome, diet has a way of entering the conversation. It's been shown that certain foods trigger uncomfortable symptoms – but which ones?
Red Bull & Monster Terrorize Teeth
Expecting to see lots of Gatorade at your Memorial Day cookout? Or planning to chug a few Red Bulls to make the long drive to visit family? Your teeth may suffer for both.
Gluten and Schizophrenia Linked
An inability to eat foods with gluten, like bread and rice, is frustrating enough for many people. But the condition may have further implications for women planning to have children.
Fattening up Liver Cancer Risks
Childhood obesity is now a global epidemic, and with it comes increased disease risks both in children and adults. Having an abundant body as a child is now linked even to cancer.
Diabetes to Liver Disease to Transplant
As the rates of obesity and diabetes continue to rise in the United States, so do the rates of complications related to these conditions. Nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) is one of these complications.
The Low Down on Sugar-Free
Sugar-free products have taken over the nation showing up in beverages and foods. They have been thought to lower caloric intake and prevent dental caries. How much of this is really true?
Body Fat in Obese May Be Toxic
Some obese patients develop conditions such as heart disease and diabetes, while others manage to avoid such chronic diseases. That may be because all obesity is not the same.