Health News

Ethnicity's Role in Return of Colon Condition
Treatments for a certain disease of the colon can help to some extent, regardless of patients' ethnic backgrounds. But ethnicity may play a role in whether the colon condition makes a come back.
Is Fast Food Flaring Kids' Allergies?
It’s no surprise to find out that healthy kids eat healthy food. But what about kids who eat fast food several times per week? Can the body be allergic to junk food?
Vitamin D for Pearly Whites?
Could soaking up some sun or otherwise getting a good dose of vitamin D help keep those pearly whites healthy?
Teens Under the Knife Lose Weight
Just as adults with severe obesity go under the knife for help, more teenagers are now following suit.
Cut That Gut?
Opting for a smaller stomach can bring some good. For those with type II diabetes, going under the knife can bring a lot of good, almost to the point of a full cure.
Colon, Age and Alcohol Don't Mix
If you drink alcohol and are over 50, there's more reason to get the pipes checked out, even if you feel fine. A new study found that drinking alcohol increases the chance of developing diverticulosis in the colon. 
Bigger, Badder Tooth From Poverty
Keeping your teeth healthy is hard to do, especially when poverty is a factor. And for kids growing up in hard economic times, keeping the entire body healthy is a real challenge.
Surgery Works on Obese Teens
When diet and exercise doesn't work, overweight teens have another option to help shed the extra pounds.
What's in the Water
Sometimes there's nothing like an ice-cold glass of water on a hot day or after an intense workout, but watch where it's coming from.
Obese Youth Likelier to Have Gallstones
As children's waistlines continue to grow across the U.S., so do their chances of getting gallstones.