Health News

Busting Bath Salts
Bath salts are becoming more popular but not the kinds that are sprinkled into baths. Scientists have developed a test for these salts that might help law enforcement.
Cocaine May Be Killing Your Skin
There are many reasons why you shouldn’t try cocaine – this is just another. Cocaine users are showing up with blackened skin and weakened immune systems – there’s something in the cocaine.
Meth Addicts Recover With iPhones
Cell phones are an amazing piece of technology that have extended its reach into the medical field. Before phones were used to make calls and now they're saving lives.
Health Concerns for Kids
Children can be a handful and worrying about their health is just part of the job. For some parents, weight and drugs are on the top of that worry list - what's on the top of yours?
An Expensive Tanning Deal
Bronze, golden skin is part of the definition of American beauty. Many people have resorted to tanning beds, which seems to be accompanied by addiction and skin cancer. Researchers have found why tanners can’t stop tanning.
Girls With ADHD at Risk for Substance Abuse
More boys are diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) than girls. But more of these girls are vulnerable to having other problems later in life.
Pain Meds Are Not For Child's Play
There are all sorts of over-the-counter and prescription pain medications available today. Misuse of prescribed opioids can cause serious problems, though - especially when overuse begins in youth.
Food and Drug Addictions are Very Similar
Ever wonder why you can’t stop yourself from indulging in food? You might have a food addiction. There has never been a way of diagnosing or even treating food dependence — until recently.
Using Drugs Safely
Some drugs are good for you and others can be addicting, but too much of any drug can be detrimental. Each drug is different, and it's important that consumers are aware of potential dangers.
Downers Abuse Up
Seeking treatment for all categories of substance abuse problems rose only 11 percent in the decade 1998-2008. But the story is vastly different for benzodiazepines.