Health News

Conscious Children Say "No"
Raising children in a modern environment filled with temptations is not easy. Fortunately, doctors specializing in adolescent behavior continue to research novel treatment to aid parents with their mental health dilemmas.
Prescription Painkillers Can Be Fatal
Painkillers are prescribed to ease a patient's suffering. But millions of Americans are misusing prescription painkillers, resulting in an epidemic of fatal overdoses.
Marijuana: Same Plant, Different Possibilities
Plants have many purposes on this earth– some can be used as medicine, food, material and others can be used to alter the mind. Different strains of marijuana can do both, but how?
Weed Crash
The legalization of marijuana is a polarizing issue of which both sides have valid points. However, a new study from Columbia University has given those who would like to keep it illegal a little bit more ammo.
Up, Up and Away You Go
Coffee is one of the most popular pick me up drinks around. This drink may not be for everyone but it sure is causing a stir with researchers studying stimulant drugs.
Drugs and Alcohol Are No Joke
Addiction doesn’t happen the first time around. It takes time for addictions to develop and still many addicts will deny their dependence. When will the denying stop and help be sought out?
Stay Focused You Will Recover
Getting into addiction is easy, but getting out is the hard part. Addicts need love and support no matter how bad the problem has gotten. Get them the treatment they need to make a full recovery.
Is Marijuana as Bad as Alcohol?
Many people may think that marijuana may be harmless, as its use has become more acceptable in society. However, just because its presence in popular culture is larger doesn't mean the health risks go away.
Do You Really Know Your Teens?
Most parents believe the best in their children even when it comes to alcohol and drugs, but peer pressure and curiosity may be more powerful than some parents want to believe.
Get High On Life
Marijuana, also commonly known as weed or pot has especially gained notice among young adults. Many are trying it and getting hooked.