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Cataracts Affect Nighttime Driving Ability
Passing a state driving test may not necessarily mean driving at night is safe. Those who suffer from cataracts or blurred vision appear to have difficulty recognizing pedestrians at night -- even after passing an eye exam.
I Can See Clearly Now
A surgical procedure that relieves inner eye pressure for glaucoma patients remained successful for a majority of patients twenty years after the surgery according to a new study.
An Eye Exam for an Eye Exam
Giving seniors who join Medicare a dilated eye exam instead of a standard exam or no exam is more likely to pick up on eye problems earlier - and it's more cost-effective long-term too.
The Eye's True Colors
Sometimes seeing the forest requires first seeing the trees - and the leaves on those trees. A new way to "see" regular changes in eye cells might lead to detecting retina problems as well.
The Eyes Have It
Cataract surgery awaits 33 percent of the America’s population. A new surgical tool from Catalys looks to make the process a lot more streamlined.  
Researchers Clearly C Vitamins' Role in Cataracts
A recent study from Harvard Medical School finds that vitamins C and E appear to do little to influence the development or outcome of age-related cataracts.
Lifting the Fog on Cataract Meds
Pirenoxine (PRX), a non-prescription medication found in eye drops used in China and other countries to prevent cataracts, may actually work, according to a new study.
Researchers Take a Closer Look at Myopia
Researchers at Duke University Medical Center have helped uncover a gene associated with nearsightedness (myopia) in Caucasians from different regions.
Red Wine May Help You See Better (if You Don't Drink Too Much)
Resveratrol may help halt uncontrolled blood vessel growth in the eye, pointing the way to better therapies for conditions such as diabetic retinopathy and age-related macular degeneration (AMD).