Health News

Vision-Improving Device Gets FDA Approval
The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved a device that can adjust to improve patients' vision after cataract surgery.
Sight for Sore Eyes: New Eye Drops Approved
The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved eye drops for patients undergoing cataract surgery.
How Vitamin C Might Help You See
A diet high in vitamin C could cut the risk of cataract progression by a third, suggests a study published recently in the journal Ophthalmology .
Indoor Tanning Fades, but Millions Still Risk It
At one time, many people thought indoor tanning meant a healthy glow year-round. Today, more and more people may be realizing that this isn’t so.
It's an Eyesore: Supplement Didn't Stop Cataracts
Your eyes may be the crystal-clear windows to your soul, but cataracts can make them cloudy — and selenium likely doesn't keep them clear.
Supplements May Not Help With Cataracts
Despite a suggestion raised by animal research, vitamin E and selenium don’t seem to play a part in protecting against cataracts, a new study suggests.
Contacts May Be Better for Infants After Cataract Surgery
Adults and children both can receive permanently implanted lenses after cataract surgery, but a new study suggests that there may be better options for infants.
Daily Multivitamin Might Curb Cataracts
Vitamin supplements may help people get nutrients that their diet lacks or they can't absorb. It seems that supplements may also reduce the risk of developing at least one eye condition.
Quitting Smoking Lowered Risk for Cataract Removal
Smoking can contribute to the development of many health issues, including vision problems like cataracts (causes cloudy vision), but research is showing that quitting can help to lower that risk.
A Link Between Statins and Cataracts
While statin medications are taken to improve a patient's heart health, doing so may negatively affect that patient's eye health.