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Diabetes Medications May Impact Cancer Risks
People with type 2 diabetes have higher cancer risks than the general population. The link may have to do with how diabetes affects the metabolism. Diabetes medications may also figure into the equation.
Why Liver Cancer Rates Are Soaring in Minorities
New cases of liver cancer have tripled in the last three decades. The largest increases in incidence are being seen in Latinos. Why is that?
Diabetes May Raise Esophageal Cancer Risk
Heartburn isn’t always a dire health matter, but if stomach acid repeatedly enters the esophagus, it can lead to a more serious condition and possibly cancer.
Controlling Diabetes and Cancer Risks
A great deal of research has been focused on cancer risks among people living with diabetes. Recent studies examined the impact that a certain diabetes medicine may have on the cancer risks of diabetes patients.
Diabetes Rx Shrinks Cancer Deaths
A common diabetes medication — metformin — is proving itself to be multi-talented. It’s an inexpensive, highly effective medicine that does more than lower blood sugar levels. Metformin is becoming something of a star in the cancer world.
Controlling and Surviving Two Diseases
Diabetes brings with it a host of other possible health problems. Now, people living with diabetes have one more important reason to keep their disease under control.
Diabetes May Indicate Risk of Bladder Cancer
People living with diabetes have a lot to think about. Managing the disease has its challenges. And with diabetes comes the risk of other health issues.
Diabetes Rx and Breast Cancer Survival
The diabetes drug metformin has been something of a darling in the cancer world of late. Previous research has shown that it may help prevent or beat cancer. But a new study has come along that creates a question mark.
Who's the Drunkest of Them All?
Many Americans may enjoy drinking on New Year's Eve, but they don't top the charts. In fact, the US is not even among the 25 "drunkest" countries in world alcohol consumption rates.
Still Searching for Diabetes Screening
Growing rates of diabetes continue to be a huge public health problem. Screening and early treatment could help reduce this burden. Could diabetes screening also lower death rates?