Health News

Get Healthy To Live With Colon Cancer
Diabetes and high blood pressure can both be difficult to manage alone or together. Throw colorectal cancer into the mix and the picture gets more complicated.
Global Health: 20 Years Changes Things
Twenty years ago, infectious disease in children was the highest risk factor for death and disability in the world. Today, it’s low-nutrient, high sodium diets, alcohol and tobacco.
Does Breast Cancer Increase Diabetes Risks?
Scientists have found that diabetes and cancer like to interact. A new study suggests women who’ve had breast cancer and their doctors need to be aware that developing diabetes is a real risk.
Don't Forget Your Diabetes
People with type 2 diabetes face a higher risk of cancer. When diabetes patients are diagnosed with cancer, they may find it hard to manage both disease at once.
Diabetes Rx Has Future In Managing Ovarian Cancer
The cheap and effective drug that lowers blood sugar in type II diabetics may be a new weapon against breast, colon, prostate and other cancers. Growing evidence suggests metformin may also be helpful in managing ovarian cancer.
Hormone Tied to Three Deadly Diseases
Your body is linked together through a complex system we still know little about. As such, diseases are related in ways still unknown. Now, researchers have pinpointed a hormone linked to three deadly diseases.
Diabetes Drugs Cut Colon Cancer Risk
There are many factors to think about when prescribing drugs to diabetes patients. One of these factors is the cancer risk of a particular drug; or in some cases, the cancer-preventing powers of that drug.
Exercise Away Diabetic Breast Cancer
Some studies have linked diabetes to an increased risk of breast cancer. It is also known that exercise is key to preventing and managing diabetes. So, can exercise also lower the risk of breast cancer in diabetic women?
Insulin Type May Not Boost Cancer Risk
Some patients with type 2 diabetes need an extra boost of insulin from the outside to get their blood sugar under control. Researchers wanted to see if one insulin treatment option carries a risk of cancer.
The Cost of Repression
The mind-body connection has interested people for centuries with more and more research showing that the two are completely connected.