Health News

Bullying Cases Increase Thoughts of Suicide
When you get a call home that your child has been involved in a bullying case—as the bully or the bullied—addressing and correcting the issues could prevent future psychological distress.
Harm Follows Disability
Across the world, approximately fifteen-percent of people suffer physical or mental disability, yet their impairment does not seem to hinder others from hurting them further. 
Teen Violence is Double Whammy
When a teenager goes on a date with someone she knows, and instead is abused sexually or physically by the "date", it's likely not the only time she's experienced violence.
Child Abuse Hospitalizations Too High
The number of children hospitalized for abuse injuries in a single year is a wake-up call that parents feeling high levels of stress should seek help before the pressure overtakes them.
Asleep at the Wheel
As if police officers did not already face enough dangers on the job, they can now add one more hazard to the list: a high incidence of sleep disorders.
Child Abuse Changes the Brain
There is little debate that children who are abused, physically or mentally, undergo such significant trauma that they often carry it throughout their lives. Child abuse can affect a person's mental health forever, leading to depression and other psychological disorders later in life.
Aggressive Children
Within the United States we are used to hearing claims that the media and video games pollute our minds. It seems parents around the world share the same concerns. 
A Criminal Mind
While watching TV-hit series like Criminal Minds and The Mentalist gives insight into the minds of fictional psychopaths, scientists are trying to discover the inner-workings of the real thing. 
Athletes Getting Bullied
A coach’s job is to make athletes the best they can be for the team, while providing support and guidance for individual team members. However, some coaches might be taking it too far.
Staying Alive and Fighting Back
Rape, sexual assault, and violence can happen to anyone, especially women. The aftermath of being attacked can be detrimental to the victim's health - more specifically mental health.