Health News

Should You Spank Your Child?
Discipline of children is a notoriously controversial topic. The effectiveness of spanking and other forms of physical punishment have been debated for years. Is there a better form of discipline?
Working to Improve Foster Kids' Lives
Moving from one family to the next in the foster system doesn't leave much opportunity for building relationships with individual foster families. A new program aims to help this.
What Cat Litter & Suicide Have in Common
Among the various things pregnant women generally should avoid is changing kitty litter, which may seem oddly random in a list with alcohol, undercooked meat, soft cheeses and smoking.
Child Abuse is Costly
Abused children often have trouble with their mental and physical health in later years. Early interventions and solid treatment for abuse might be the best ways to help.
The Choking Game
Reports from the US and Canada show that adolescents are experimenting with the ‘choking game’. Creating awareness of brain damage and accidental death may curb an adolescent's interest.
Veterans & Violence: Who’s at Risk?
How do American Heroes learn to manage their post-service aggression?  New research may lay the foundation for successful veteran integration and preventative lifestyle structures.
Aggression in the Brain
Aggressive responses to provocation may be more physiological than previously thought. New brain scans of provoked individuals show how neurotransmitters react in different people.
HIV and Healthy Relationships
It's easy to pay attention to your physical health if you're in a healthy relationship. If you're in a bad relationship, your health can be affected – especially with a chronic illness like HIV.
When Children Hurt Themselves
Although mental health conditions tend to be invisible, residing inside one's head, there are times when they show up as actual injuries, such as children who cut or injure themselves.
When a Child's Boogeyman is Real
It's no surprise that witnessing or experiencing severe violence affects a child's mental health. But the effects on their sleep can be profound as well.