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Risky Behaviors & Risky Business
When researchers suggest that kids who listen to their music too loudly are more likely to drink and do drugs, the first thought might be that researchers are uptight.
Violence Alters Kids' DNA
Stress can make people look tired, worn out and even older than they really are. It turns out, that stress from being around violence during childhood can start the aging process on a cellular level too. A recent study that looks at the aging of DNA cells finds evidence that major stressors, like acts of domestic violence, can effect kids as young as 5 years old. Report violent acts, especially when a child is involved! Idan Shalev PhD., is working on his post-doctoral studies in psychology and neuroscience at the Duke Institute for Genome Sciences & Policy, and his resear...
Words Not Fists
Ever wonder why some kids fight and some kids don’t? There are exceptions to every rule, but parental attitudes towards physical violence plays a role in kid’s fighting behavior. A recent study asked why some children fight while others walk away. Results suggest that kids learn a lot about fighting from their parent’s examples and beliefs. Talk to your kids about conflict resolution instead of fighting. Rashmi Shetgiri MD., Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, and her team studied 65 teens from the Dallas Independent ...
The Effects of Bullying on the Young
It isn’t easy to deal with a bully, and young children are often the victims. These young bullies probably don’t understand the effects, but the victims of bullying are more likely to hurt themselves. According to a new study the victims of bullying are up to three times more likely to do harm to themselves by age 12. Talk to teachers and your child about bullying The study was led by Helen Fisher, PhD, of the Institute of Psychiatry at King’s College London. “Bullying by peers is a major problem during the early school years. This study found that before 12 years of...
Why Pick On Children With Autism?
Because of problems with social interaction shared by most children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders ( ASD ), they tend to lead more solitary lives and report higher instances of being the targets of bullies.
Do Emergency Helicopters Save Lives?
While emergency helicopter flights may boost your chance of survival over ambulance transportation, they are an expensive and limited resource. Researchers are asking, do they actually save lives?
Childhood Trauma and Cognitive Decline
Children are fast learners, and the actions of their parents can affect them for their entire life. But how much effect does a negative experience have for very young children and infants? It may be more than you think.
Hold Gun: Move to Threat Level Orange
Our perceptions of the world around us can guide our everyday behavior and reinforce our actions. Now, new knowledge of how we perceive guns could have implications for law enforcement and violence prevention.
Media Bullies Make Real Bullies
Physical violence depicted in television and movies can increase instances of real-life aggression. However, it may be that other, less violent, aggression in the media can have negative consequences too.
The Anatomy of a School Shooting
On the morning of Feb. 27th , a child walked into a school cafeteria and opened fire. The violence, which has left at least 3 dead, has shaken the small town of Chardon , Ohio.